lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

"El Instituto Robinson" - Patrick Keiller

Patrick Keiller, The Robinson Institute 2012

Patrick Keiller Robinson in Ruins film still

jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

Imágenes Públicas

Shackleton reedita "Woe To The Septic Heart!"[]=&utm_source=Boomkat+Production&utm_campaign=a0983d764b-Shackleton_Now_Shipping&utm_medium=email

Eighteen months since their first issue, Woe To The Septic Heart!'s long delayed 2nd release finally dawns upon us. Comprising entirely new and previously unreleased Shackleton material - including collaborations with vocalist Vengeance Tenfold and musical spars Andreas Gerth (Tied & Tickled Trio) and Kingsuk Biswas (Bedouin Ascent) - it's also his most shocking and invigorating body of work. 

What strikes us first and foremost is the newfound vitality and visceral impact of his sound here. Any signature murk is replaced with a lysergic lucidity and rendered in widescreen 3D that consumes the senses with ultra-vivid potential. The CD entitled 'Music For The Quiet Hour' features your venerated protagonist and his mystical interpreter, Vengeance Tenfold in the extended format we've long wished to hear them, astral projecting cut-up passages of Tenfold's apocalypse-baiting text over five meticulously crafted sonic topographies which stretch to the periphery of the mind's eye and ever further into inky blackness. This combination of poetry/spoken word and dark ambience clearly calls to mind Deathprod's 'Reference Frequencies', but the choking bass pressure and timbral cadence are innately Shackleton, just presented in a vital new form. 

But, perhaps the most subtle yet striking new element is the wheezing, scaling tonal spectrum siphoned through the Italian drawbar organ module which inspired the title of 'The Drawbar Organ EPs'. Spread across three 12"s or a CD (depending on the format) and effectively forming an album in their own right, it's here that we find more condensed, rhythmically structured episodes reminding of his recent live shows - which are, in our humble opinion, the finest in the world right now. Meditating on late '60s/early '70s Reich-ian rhythm phasing, stained with carmine Italian horror vibes, driven by wanton Junglist and post-punk torque and enveloped by a universal consciousness alluding to Alice Coltrane, it will take longer than we have right now for these tracks to settle in fully, but we can assure you that they're of the rarest, most precious substance. 

Available as a deluxe triple vinyl and CD boxset or a lush Double CD edition - both featuring bespoke artwork and booklet of illustrations by Zeke Clough, and both strictly limited! 

" I Was Born This Way" - El largo viaje de Carl Bean

Valentino 45Carl Bean 45

Carl Bean 45Carl Bean CD single


Manhatitlan Chronicles
The Manhatitlan Chronicles animation
The Manhatitlan Chronicles(1999, 7 min. color, 16 mm.)
An animated flight of fancy that transposes elements of Mexican culture onto the cityscape of Manhattan. A humorous view on how Mexican and American cultures playfully intertwine. The Manhatitlan Chroniclescelebrates the great ethnic diversity of New York, paying homage to the people who constitute its ever changing population. The film consist of 5 humorous segments that underscore ethnic tradition in this era of multiculturalism and globalization.

  • Awards: Best Experimental, Cinefestival 2000, San Antonio, TX; President Award, Ajijic Film Festval, Mexico. Screened at more than 50 film festivals worldwide and cultural institutions (Guggenheim Museum, New York City and the Reina Sofia Museum, in Madrid, among others).
Manhatitlan Codex
© Felipe Galindo 2008
Animation (5:32 min, 2008)

Felipe Galindo's new digital animation, narrates an imaginary migration of a group of Mexican people to the US, inspired by Aztec mythology and American history. This animation explores the concepts of homeland, migration and globalization. Music courtesy of Blaine L. Reininger (Tuxedomoon).
The Manhatitlan Codex is also a traveling exhibition that features works on paper and animation.
Manhatitlan Codex

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A Church, A DJ & A Sampler


...y después

Robert Hood, We Magnify YOUR Name...!!!

¡ Viva Pixiguinha !

El 23 de Abril se celebra en Brasil el Día del Choro, ese asombroso género-madre, bien presente en el ADN de todas las músicas desarrolladas posteriormente en el siglo XX carioca. La merecida celebración:

...Y una prueba de la absoluta plasticidad del linaje, choro vivo en presente, con el tremendoYamandú (y un público de matrícula de honor):