lunes, 16 de abril de 2012

Siobhan Bradshaw - 'Feel Flows'

Feel Flows
Feel Flows, an exhibition by Siobhan Bradshaw, is currently being shown in Bayeux's reception area.

Siobhan is a photographer who lives and works in London.  She first discovered her passion for photography whilst studying Fine Art at Central St Martins College.  She was living in Soho and remembers "The window of my flat was a perpetual cinema screen, through which I became voyeur."

Siobhan's work is heavily influenced by the strong emotive imagery of old jazz record covers and Film Noir.  Returning to Soho for her most recent project, her new body of work draws parallels between photography and jazz in its improvisation, fluidity and flow.

"Jazz to me is a musical expression of subjective individual emotions by particular individuals in their own unique way.  Every jazzman feels, sees, and hears everything and everything he was and is becomes the source and object of his music.  It is a music purchased with dues of hardship, suffering and pain, optimism and love."  Roy DeCavara.

Siobhan's photography has been exhibited at the Jazz Cafe since 2009.

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