jueves, 26 de enero de 2012

Iron Curtis - "O'Hare"


Glimmering jellyfish gliding through the dark – accompanied by a subtle and warm house-track. O'hare is the title of a collaboration between Herr Müller, Martin Sulzer and Iron Curtis. 

Out of very basic ingredients, namely adhesive tape, foil and light, illustrator Herr Mueller created transparent jellyfish with staggeringly beautiful and detailed results. Motion video and animation artist Martin Sulzer is responsible for breathing life into the jellyfish by animating them using various techniques ( 2D, 2 ½ D, 3D). Their common friend Johannes Paluka, better known under his artist name Iron Curtis, is the one who then finally makes the jellyfish spin. His track O'Hare – which gave the video its title– fits perfectly to the fragile but also powerful aesthetic of the video. 

O'Hare will be featured on Iron Curtis' forthoming album which is to be released on Mirau in mid 2012.

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