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Más cera: Las portadas de Mo' Wax

Mo'Wax ruled the world's record racks during the 1990s and early 2000s. Not since Factory had a label pushed the financial and practical limits of sleeve art and packaging design with such glee.
Taking inspiration from skate culture, street art, Japanese toys and much else besides, Mo Wax's visual identity was as colourful, attention-seeking and confident - often over-confident - as the era that birthed it.
For the most part, we have Ben Drury and Will Bankhead to thank for Mo Wax's arresting sleeves, but there were plenty of external contributors who added to the brew - including cult graffiti artist Futura, whose distinctive figures adorn UNKLE's early releases, and Massive Attack's Robert '3D' Del Naja, who contributed original paintings for the Headz 2 compilation and samplers.

DJ Shadow  -  "Endtroducing" (1996)

Innerzone Orchestra  -  "Bug In The Bass Bin" (1996 re-issue)

David Axelrod  -  "M / T" (2000)

Recopilatorio "Headz 2" (1996)

Attica Blues  -   "M / T" (1997)

Money Mark  -  "Hand In Your Head EP" (1998)

UNKLE  -  "Psyence Fiction" (1998)

Andrea Parker  -  "Kiss My Arp" (1999)

Sam Sever And The Raider Of The Lost Art  -  "What's That Sound?" 12" single (1995)

Major Force  -  "The Re-Return Of The Original Art-Form" 12" single (2000)

                                          (cortesía de FactMag)

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