martes, 6 de marzo de 2012

Earl Zinger - "Kingsland Rag"

Kingsland Rag - 
I don't tell stories don't tell tales
only checks i get are the prince of wales
dancing now in the land of king's
got a whole load of excuses to keep me from work
joint is jumping but the chicken ain't jerk
kinsland road's new kings

youth roll deep and prepared to board
sizer than sizeway and my chest is broad
parties illegal and police are there checking fire escapes
but on the whole don't care
kinsland roads new kings.

i'm a mini recession in a financial crises
like to wear a smile but i can't get the sizes
illegal dogs with illegal teeth
had a Grandmother called the Duchess of Dalston
lived in Kerridge court just off balls pond
Kingsland road new kings       (ROBERT GALLAGHER)

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