domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

Ego Tripping (Al Estilo Creole)

"I still claim that jazz hasn’t gotten to its peak as yet. I may be the only perfect specimen today in jazz that’s living. I guess I am 100 years ahead of my time. Jazz is a style, not a type of composition." (Jerry Roll Morton, 1938)

Alan Lomax pregunta a Morton sobre Buddy Bolden y su forma de tocar la trompeta:

Oh well, I tell you, Buddy was the most powerful man in the history. Why, Buddy Bolden would play sometimes at most of the rough places. For instance, the Masonic Hall on Perdido and Rampart, which is a very rough section. Sometimes he'd play in the Globe Hall. That's in the downtown section on St. Peter and St. Claude. Very, very rough place. Was very often you could hear of killings on top of killings. It wouldn't make any difference. Many and many a time myself, I went on Saturdays and Sundays and look in the morgue and see eight and ten men that was killed over Saturday night. It was nothing for eight or ten killings on Saturday night. Occasionally, Buddy Bolden used to play in the Jackson Hall, which was a much nicer hall on the corner of Jackson Avenue and Franklin in the Garden District. Occasionally, he would play in the Lincoln Park. Anytime they could get him, that's where they'd have him. That is, any of those halfway rough places. I used to go out to Lincoln Park, myself, when Buddy Bolden was out there, because I used to like to hear him play and outblow everybody. I thought he was good myself. Anytime there was a quiet night in the Lincoln Park, why, little places I used to hang out, a corner—what the boys used to call a hang out corner—on Jackson and South Robertson. It was about ten or twelve miles to the Lincoln Park. Anytime that he had a quiet night, all he did was take his trumpet and turn it towards the city. It was at least about ten or twelve miles from the corner that we hung out. Maybe an affair wasn't so well publicized, so in order to get it publicized in a few seconds, old Buddy would just take his big trumpet and just turn it around towards the city and blow this very tune that I'm talking about. In other words, the tune is "I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say." And the whole town would know that Buddy was there. And in few seconds, why, the parks would start to gettin' filled. It was nothing for Buddy to blow any place that you could hear his horn during those times.

Las sesiones para la Biblioteca del Congreso... asombroso:

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