miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2012

"I Paid My Dues"

"He made his way to Los Angeles, as he recalls in his memoir I Paid My Dues. Sure this is it. , bedad. .. Wearin' a feckin' turban in Hollywood in the 1940s, he called himself Ram Singh, you know yourself like. His networkin' and hustlin' talents landed him the bleedin' job as Errol Flynn's "foreign" chauffeur. Sure this is it. He adopted the oul' name Ricardo Gonzales to pass himself off as Mexican rather than black, in order to get an oul' room in a feckin' good hotel, enda story. He tells of gettin' a holy break as a bleedin' vocalist when he was asked to fill in for Mel Tormé. Here's another quare one for ye."
Babs Gonzales_I Paid My Dues     


Babs Gonzales

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